joi, 13 noiembrie 2008

Inafara sau inauntrul jocului

- Your problem is that you don't want to play the game at all, you want to sit on the couch and eat Cheetos while everyone else is playing.
- Well, why shouldn't I? What's the point of their Society, aynway? It never did anything for me.
- The point is that if you laugh and spit in their faces enough times, they'll kick you out of the house - which in this extended methaphor means killing you.
- So, what, you're saying that the only alternative is to show up and play by everyone else's stupid rules??
- Of course not, my woolly friend. You can CHEAT. Twelve Gods know I always did. Nudge die rolls, palm cards, "forget" penalties... but you have to sit down to play first. As long as the people at the table see a fellow player across form them, they'll tolerate you. A crooked player is a pain in the ass, but someone who refuses to play at all makes them start questioning their lives - and people HATE to think. They'd rather lose to a cheater than dwell too long on why they're playing in the first place.
(The Order of the Stick)

Asta e oare lucrul pe care un adolescent rebel ar trebui sa il realizeze, constient sau nu?
Sau e un prim pas catre buza prapastiei pe fundul careia se misca fiintele plate, turtite de cadere?
E vreo deosebire? Does this play have a stage?

Dar... ce regula au regulile?


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oceania spunea...

regulile parca sunt facute sa fie incalcate:)

Osterhase spunea...

Asta este insa inca o regula...